Child Protection Policy 

We recognise that all children are God's creation, and therefore are important and valued by the church.
Members of the church are committed to the nurturing and protection and safe keeping of all, especially children.
All members are responsible for preventing the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children. Any abuse suspected or discovered will be reported to the appropriate bodies.
We are committed to supporting and training those who work with children.
We undertake to exercise proper care in the selection and appointment of those working with young people.
The church is committed to the Home Office Code of Practice 'Safe from Harm' and adopts the guidelines, procedures and practises laid out by the Baptist Union of Great Britain in its booklet 'Safe to Grow'.
Each children's & young people's worker must know the church's agreed procedures and good practice guidelines and undertake to observe them.
The church has appointed Kelly McNeil to be the responsible person. This means Kelly McNeil is responsible for monitoring procedures and policies and liaising with outside agencies where appropriate. If you have any questions about Woodford Baptist Church's child protection procedures, or if you have a concern about a child, please get in touch on 07947 485794
As part of our commitment to children and young people the church has appointed Charli Whetham to be the Independent Person. If anyone has a concern about part of our church's children or youth work or one of our youth workers, that they do not wish to discuss with responsible person, they should contact Charli on 07748 156763. Charli’s role will regularly be explained to children and parents.


November 2017
WBC, 03/06/2018