Mission Partners


We tithe 10% of the church’s income to our Mission Partners, listed below, because we believe in them and in their mission work. If you would like to give a special gift towards a particular mission partner, who will receive 100% of your gift plus the Gift Aid where applicable, you can simply mark an offering envelope with the name you want to give to from those below:

Matt & Gail Low - Serving with Horizons and based in France
Gail Dixon - Serving with Nations and based in Wales
Mike & Andi Rayner - Serving with YWAM and based in Nuneaton
Tim Rothon - Serving with Horizons and based in Wales
Christian Education Project - Serving schools in the borough of Redbridge
London Baptist Home Mission - Helping churches that could not otherwise afford a minister
Christian Kitchen - Serving the homeless and hungry in Walthamstow
180 Project - Serving rough sleepers in Waltham Forest

If you have any questions about the missions we support then please contact us by clicking here...


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