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Our God is not a 'small portion' kind of God

Thursday 7th April 2016

I write the last blog sitting at the airport reflecting on what has been an absolutely incredible trip. Yesterday was our last day of mission and we ended the trip with a bang. We held another Widows of Worth outreach in a different place. We had over 600 widows join us for a celebration. I don't know where to start talking about all the things that God did amongst us. There was miracle after miracle. I have never seen anything like it. The day kicked off in scorching heat with worship and dancing with all the mamas and welcoming them all. We had many women all cramped under marquees and trying to seat them in shade. We quickly ran out of seats.

Chloe Glassborrow (one of the directors of KCP) preached and gave an alter call. Around 70 women made a commitment to follow Christ. Next there was a call for anyone who needed healing and the majority of the women came forward for prayer. The team was split into small groups with a translator. Then came the healing miracles, one after another. There was healing for all kinds of things from stomach ulcers to the lame walking. To list them all would be more of a book than a blog so I'll just share a couple of my favourites.

There was one lady who came up who was blind in both eyes, and had terrible headaches from straining her eyes trying to see and she had painful elbows and joints. We prayed first for her blind eyes to see - we did a couple of tests to see how bad it was, I held up a few fingers to see what she was able to see, she was only able to see my fingers if they were literally right next to her face. We prayed and then tested it, I held my fingers up again, further away this time and her eyesight had improve. We prayed again, and tested again and her eyesight was completely restored. I moved far away and held up my fingers and she was able to see how many fingers I was holding up even from a distance! Her headache was healed at the same time as her eyes before we'd even prayed for that! Then we moved onto her elbows. We prayed and all the pain went instantly from a 10/10 for pain before to a 0!!!

Next healing testimony was of a beautiful little older lady who came up for healing for a broken heart. She had lost her husband and then, shortly after, her daughter. She was left with a huge financial burden and her daughter's son to care for. But more than that, she was left with a broken and battered heart. We prayed for her that God would draw close to her and be her provider, and reminded her that God binds up the broken hearted. I wrapped my arms around her and asked her how her heart was feeling. She told me that she felt peace, for the first time since she lost her daughter.

After the healing ministry time we had to feed all 600+ people. Here arrived the problem; the cooks had only catered for 300 people... Some of the Kenyan staff were panicking, unsure how they would feed everyone. It was suggested that they only dish out small portions. The team decided against this and said that our God is not a 'small portion' kind of God. So we dished out normal portions. Lo and behold, THE FOOD MULTIPLIED! Everyone was fed. Half way through feeding, we were dishing the last pot, someone went into the kitchen and found another mystery pot of rice, even the cook was confused as to where the rice came from... then that last pot which should have fed 100 people fed an extra 300 people. When the last person ate, the food ran out with one portion of rice left to spare. Isn't our God amazing!

So with full hearts, we think about what an extraordinary time we've had. All that God has done- every life that's been touched, hug that's been shared, tear that's been shed - has changed us forever. We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday to share more stories with the hope that it will change you too.

Love Katie xxxxxx

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Katie Lynch, 08/04/2016

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