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Day 4 -  I'm a Christian celebrity, get me out of here!


Thursday 31st March 2016

For those of you that have been fortunate enough to travel to a tropical climate, you will be aware of the vast array of animal activity that magically becomes vocal when you are trying to sleep. First, there are the crickets who start the ensemble by welcoming each other. Next, are the stray dogs who gather together, in a field not too far away and howl at nothing in particular for as long as possible. This is often lead by a 'chief howler' who is qualified to lead the call and response exercise. Last to arrival are the cockerels who sing loudly that morning has come despite it being 2am.

Our day started at 6.45am in preparation to lead a time of devotion with the staff members at the hotel that we are staying in. The group consisted of five of us. The staff joyfully praising the Lord, freely prayed aloud and each brought a word to encourage The Body. We collectively prayed for the staff and I was reminded of how much this small gathering reminded me of the early church.

We had worship with the mission team which was powerful, equipping and spirit-filled. It was interesting to compare the two devotional times. Both were times of intimacy but very different. Both contained people that were hungry for the presence of God and each group experienced a response to their hunger in a way that was real and relevant to them.

The first task of the day was particularly difficult for Katie and I. We visited a local Salvation Army which had a school built for the street kids. Within the church grounds a separate group of 40 women named 'The Survivors' were meeting. The Survivors are women that were or are prostitues, who are trying or who have changed their lifestyle. They meet once a month to encourage each other and participate in a collective loan project which enables them to invest in building an honest living. The stories they shared were heart-wrenching, raw and graphic. Despite the madness we heard, there was an underlying feeling of hope amongst these women which could only be due to the power of Jesus.

We had a fantastic time with a group of children who currently live on the streets. They asked many questions about the UK including;

1. Why do white people come to Kenya if they burn?

2. Are films real? If so, do cats and dogs talk in the UK? -They had previously watched the film Cats and Dogs and were fascinated.

3. Why do people in the UK have long hair?- The majority of children in Kenya have short hair and so long hair is a novelty.

After Q & As, we had a chaotic football match in which 30 people played and only one person knew the rules. Myself.

Afternoon activities included painting one of the rooms at the Koinonia orphanage. The fumes of Kenyan paint are extremely strong which put us all in a happy mood. We painted the room as if it was our own- Steve Utting would have been proud. I managed to convince the children that it was biblical to wash the paint off my feet and then we played a number of games which often involved me getting slapped or kicked in some capacity.

All in all, today was a good day, packed with a variety of emotions. We all saw the spontaneity of God in Kenya. The only thing that is certain, is the night time orchestra which has just started to tune up.

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